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Septic System Audit Specialists You Can Rely on in  Kitchener/Waterloo & All Surrounding Areas

Whether you are doing an addition, putting in a pool, purchasing a property, or having routine issues with your septic system, The Septic Guy can help you with the necessary assessment and auditing processes.


Since 2003, our septic system audit specialists have been doing it efficiently. Today, we cater to a large clientele in New Dundee and the surrounding townships.


From onsite commercial septic systems to residential sewage disposal systems, we inspect soil conditions, groundwater, and other factors to arrive at an informed conclusion about every unique case. You can rely on us to document and identify a range of system problems. Contact our audit specialists today.

The Specifics

Our specialists tell you precisely what is going on with your system. We can find out exactly where the weeping bed and tank are located, as well as the size of the tank and weeping bed, apart from performing a study on whether your septic system design meets formal regulations and requirements for approval.

Service Area


New Dundee





Saint Clements



St. Agatha


New Hamburg

Require an Audit?


Call us for accurate information and documentation on your local septic system.

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